What we do


To maintain and promote human dignity at country level with prevention and alleviation of suffering.


To improve humanitarian actions for saving lives at communities during emergency through capacity building and training, accountability, coordination and cooperation, and quality humanitarian standard.


To Improve the humanitarian response to disasters in Cambodia by strengthening leadership capacity of NGOs to better engage in the humanitarian framework by providing knowledge resources, training, and mentoring.


  • To provide a platform and network for information and resource sharing and for dialogue to meet the need of the vulnerables
  • To promote mutual understanding between humanitarian and development organization through advocacy for better humanitarian efforts
  • To build and develop capacity for disaster emergency preparedness and response and the greater accountability for all humanitarian action
  • To joint response and work as one platform for all humanitarian activities at communities

Role of CHF Steering Committee

  • Lead the forum
  • Chair the every meeting or workshop
  • Reporting
  • Make decision and endorsement (ex: on training need assessment)
  • Prepare meeting agenda on meeting and workshop
  • Lead in term of coordination with Cambodian NGOs especially the CHF members during the emergency
  • Work closely with government partners
  • Lead and coordinate in emergency response including emergency assessment fund raising and resource mobilization
  • Present the CHF in any coordination meeting with governmental meeting or any other call for emergency meeting

Role of CHF Secretariat

  • Provide technical inputs to operationalize the forum
  • Deliver advice and service to CHF members and Management Committee
  • Assist the CHF Management Committee to organize the meeting/workshop
  • Prepared the Training Curriculum and organize the Training Event
  • Oversee the implementation of the Forum
  • Advocate the interest of CHF to international Organization and Donor
  • Effectively implement the work program of the Secretariat

Role of CHF Member

  • Actively participate in meeting/workshop
  • Elect the CHF Committee every selection process
  • Commit to share knowledge, lesson learned to other CHF members
  • Raise suggestion to CHF Management Committee
  • Commit to join any emergency response
  • Commit to cooperate with CHF Secretariat
  • Has authority to vote for the change of CHF Management Committee


The membership shall consist of all national humanitarian NGOs and civil society organizations which are currently working in Cambodia.

The Humanitarian NGOs and civil society organizations which are willing to be members of CHF must apply their membership application through CHF website or send the registration form to CHF Secretariat. The CHF Secretariat will review the profile and application of that applied NGOs. The CHF Coordinator will send the comments on the Membership application to the CHF Management Committee. The CHF Management Committee has authority to reject or approve that applied membership based on criteria. Once the CHF Management Committee approves the membership application, the approved membership will be formally announced for acceptance as CHF Members through CHF Website.

Mandate of CHF Steering Committee

The CHF Steering Committee shall be composed of 3 or 5 people, with at least 2 women, from different Cambodia Humanitarian NGOs which are the forum members. The CHF Steering Committee has mandated for term of 3 years. The members could have its mandate in Steering Committee not exceed 6 years. After end 6 years mandate, the member stop for 1 mandate and can continue if want.

The mandate of CHF Provincial Coordinator and the CHF Zone Coordinator are in term of 3 years but not exceed 6 years.

Selection of CHF SC

The Selection of the CHF Management Committee member shall be done through two options:

Option1—Voluntary: There are 3 or 5 of CHF members volunteers to be CHF Management Committee.

Option2—Election: The number of CHF members volunteer is not equal to 3 or 5, or any other situation that the vote is required.

The CHF Management Committee members are selected every year and the previous Committee member(s) could be re-selected to continue their mandate if s/he had good performance during their mandate from previous year or new members from other different Cambodia Humanitarian NGOs shall be selected.

Benefit with CHF

The CHF members will be able to:

  • Receive staff capacity building
  • Knowhow and able to act during emergency response
  • Do disaster preparedness
  • Train others on disaster preparedness and response
  • Receive direct benefit from CHF Website
  • Know the donor agencies and how to approach them for funding support
  • Receive the early warning for disaster risk
  • Gain recognition and accreditation from the government of Cambodia

The CHF Management Committee will additionally be able to

  • Gain leadership and coordination experiences
  • Build the capacity in disaster preparedness and emergency response, especially for response coordination

Support Needed for CHF

The CHF members will be supported with capacity building such as training and resources including toolkits for disaster preparedness and emergency response whereas the CHF Management Committee will need to receive the coordination capacity building, meeting venue, stationery, computer, projector and so forth.


During the normal time, the CHF Management Committee should conduct the semi-annual progress report at every six month and annual progress report.

During emergency, the CHF Management Committee shall conduct the situation report, assessment report, humanitarian response progress report, and other required report base on the necessity and actual situation.

The report should send to NCDM, targeted PCDM, CHF Secretariat, and the members of the CHF. A copy of the report shall be uploaded to CHF Website.